Quest KACE SMA block Updates & Patches (EN)

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How can I exclude individual updates or patches from being installed on my clients in the Quest KACE SMA? I can e.g. work with Smart Labels to simplify the process for me.

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KACE Updates blockieren YouTube VideoAutomatic Transcript

1.I create a manual label. I go to „Home“ -> „Label Management“ and create a new manual label. I call it z. B. „Updates blocked“. This is intended to mark individual updates that are not or not yet to be installed.

2. I add this label to the updates to be blocked. To do this, I switch to „Security“ -> „Patch Management“ in the menu and select the patches to which I want to add this label in order to block them.

3. Create Smart Label. Under „Home“ -> „Label Management“ -> „Smart Label“ I create a new smart label for patches. Here I select as a condition „Label name does not contain Update blocked“. So doesn’t include the name of the manual label I just created. If I test this condition, all patches that do not contain this label are displayed. If I instead select „Label name contains Update blocked“ as a test, I get exactly the patches to which I added this label. All I have to do now is enter and save a label name for the new Smart Label to be created.

4. Now I need to add this smart label to my patch schedule. In the menu I switch to „Security“ -> „Patch Management“ and select my schedule and there in the „Action“ step under „Detect“ I do not select all patches, but patches with the smart label I just created.

I wish you every success with it!

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