Enable Bitlocker remote via PowerShell


These are just code snippets that can help in certain situations. The code snippets are only to be used by those who know exactly what they are doing.


  • Bitlocker should be activated via PowerShell
  • Method: XtsAes256-bit
  • Key protectors: TPM and Numeric Password (=RecoveryPassword)
  • In the example below, only the system drive is discussed

Activate Bitlocker via PowerShell

„Enable-Bitlocker“ can only add one protector, here TPM Protector, recovery password will be added in the next step.

Enable-BitLocker -MountPoint $env:SystemDrive -EncryptionMethod xtsAes256 -TpmProtector -SkipHardwareTest 

Recovery Password

Invoke-Expression "Manage-bde -protectors -add $env:SystemDrive -RecoveryPassword"

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