Summary b4db0yz.exe

International summary

Since I published my report about b4db0yz.exe (badboyz.exe) my blog becomes a lot of international visits and search engine referrals. Visitors came from Belgium, Japan, Netherlands an so on. So I decided to give a short english instruction how to remove b4db0yz.exe. The operating systeme which I cleaned was Windows XP.

This virus interrupts internet access so you first have to block it with your firewall an then stop it via Task Manager.
On WinXP you have to take these settings (see screenshot) that you can see it, because it́´s hidden as a system file.

On the infected PC there was an entry in C:\WINDOWS\Prefetch\b4adb0yz… which easily could be deleted. In C:\WINDOWS\system32 was the program file. Windows Explorer could not delete it, because win explorer identified it as system file. Total Comander on the other hand deleted it without problems. You can download it at this page.

Good Luck!

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